This is my website. And this is my blog. I’ve never written a blog or really journaled before but what the heck - new year, new me. This will be the place where I dump my thoughts for your reading enjoyment… or curious wanderings… or if you’re just interested in how a ginger nobody from the heart of Orange County found herself traveling the world for something as simple as playing a game on some sand, uh, hi. That's me.

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Hague 2018

Updated: Jan 25, 2018

Our travel day turned from 14 hours to 24 hours… Delayed at gate one made us late to our second. As we landed, our connecting flight was boarding and I was convinced we could make it. We sprinted half way across the airport before being stopped by an airport employee who informed us she had changed our flight. Disgruntled and out of breath, we took our new tickets and awaited our next flight. Two flights later we made it!

We usually get to an international event 2-3 days before to get acclimated to the time and climate as well as train on the courts we will be competing on. We also like to explore a little of the surrounding area and maybe get some hot chocolate at a local cafe :)

We started off with a W against Japan’s Futami/Hasegawa. First tournament and match of the year was a little ugly, but a win is a win haha. It was so...interesting and weird playing beach indoors. No wind and no sun made it feel like I was back at ASC playing club indoor. Second pool play match we lost to the Netherlands Stubbe/Van Iersel in a close 3rd setter. Back and forth, but just couldn’t pull it out. This means we took 2nd in pool and had to play our first round of playoffs that same day. We beat Russia’s Dabizha/Abalakina that afternoon and went back to the hotel for victory hot chocolate.

We finished the tournament the next day losing to Brazil’s Barbra/Fernanda. Such a battle, point for point the whole set, but again...couldn't pull it out. However, you always learn more from losing and we took the things we need to work on home and that's what we have been and will do for our next event in February at Fort Lauderdale. Keep grinding and keep getting better!!

Funny enough, we were seeded 9th and finished 9th.


Something I’ve been telling myself on the court….

Play Fearless and Free

Really been working on moving past my mistakes and focusing on the next point. Nothing I can do about the last one but I can do something on the next!

A resolution of mine for this year is to read more during my travels around the world. So I started Big Girl in The Middle by Gabrielle Reece and Karen Karbo, and The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson. I’ll throw some updates as a go and discuss more when I finish them. Really good so far :)

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